How Calvin Harris Really Feels About Hiddleswift

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If you don’t know what’s been happening in the love triangle between Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, then you probably live in a rock with no cell reception. The three celebs have been the center of attention ever since Tay was spotted smooching Tom just days after she announced her split with Calvin.

Tay and her new beau have been out and about dancing at concerts, holding hands on the way to dinner and looking genuinely happy. But what about Calvin? Many have speculated that the DJ has turned bitter towards his ex, especially when he un-followed her on all social media. People were even speculating that he was throwing subtle shade at T.Swift when he was seen wearing a pair of Yeezy shoes.

Calvin must have had enough with all the rumors and apparently went on an Instagram spree commenting back to fans who accused him of dissing Taylor. In a series of now-deleted comments, Calvin replied to multiple people saying that he was now “free” since splitting with Tay and that “she controlled the media and the situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kinda makes it at lot worse from my perspective.”

The one thing Calvin did make sure to clarify is that when someone asked him why he hated Taylor, he replied saying “I don’t at all.” Obviously fans were in awe that he would be so blunt and honest, and questioned whether he was hacked. Although he kept saying “it’s me”, we’re wondering if it really was him since the comments are now gone.

Either way, we learned a lot more about the budding and ending relationships and more of the pieces of this wild romance were put into place.


While Calvin and Tom are romantically linked to Taylor, there have been plenty of guys who flat-out denied dating her: