Gay YouTuber Who Allegedly Faked Hate Crime Now Faces a Year in Prison

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The controversy surrounding gay YouTube star Calum McSwiggan’s alleged attack just keeps getting more and more intense. Although the 26-year-old reported that he was left with “three broken teeth and six stitches in [his] forehead” after he “was separated from [his] friends and beaten up by three guys,” the Los Angeles Police Department says he was faking the whole thing. And now, even after the YouTuber pledged his innocence repeatedly, he has been charged with one count of filing a false report of a criminal offense.

Calum was scheduled to have his arraignment in LA yesterday, but he stated that they had “no record of anything” regarding his case and now has to wait to proceed. If he’s convicted of the misdemeanor, he could face up to 364 days (one day shy of a year) in prison.

In the wake of this sad and confusing situation, the Brit was finally given the go ahead by his lawyers to release a statement telling his side of the story. According to Calum, he was led outside of The Abbey nightclub with a man and his two friends who proceeded to beat him up to a point where he blacked out. After he came to, he was left with a sense of “devastation, anger and blind rage” and vandalized his attacker’s car.

The LGBTQ+ vlogger explained how he then went back to The Abbey where he met up with his friends and asked them to call the police. Upon their arrival, Calum led the cops to the vehicle and said they were “very helpful at this time,” but ultimately did not believe that he had been attacked because there was no evidence of injury.

“We found the vehicle immediately and after speaking on their phones and radios for a few minutes the police asked me again if it was me who damaged the car. I again confirmed that I had done it and the female police officer said, ‘I’m sorry, but I have no choice but to do this,’ and reached for her handcuffs. I said I understood and immediately put my hands behind my back so that she could handcuff me and put me in the back of the vehicle. They then confiscated my belongings and wouldn’t let me talk to my friends any longer. I asked the female police officer to come and talk to me, and she did, where I explained again what had happened and asked why I was being treated as the criminal. She apologized but said that she did not believe I had been attacked due to the lack of physical injuries on my face. This caused me to break down again and they allowed my friend Doug to comfort me briefly before I was taken away to the police station.”

The officers than took the YT star to a holding cell, and “in a moment of desperation to get out of the cell,” he used a payphone to hit himself in the head in hopes of getting “out of the cell and into a hospital.”

He then documented the injuries he sustained both outside of the club and in the jail.

“- Three broken teeth
– Cut and bruise on my collar bone (visible in the mug shot)
– Bruising to my left arm and shoulder, barely visible, but unable to raise arm fully
– Bruising on my right wrist
– Minor scrapes on body

The injuries sustained in the holding cell:
– One wound to the forehead which required six stitches”

In the end, Calum had one message he wanted fans to take away from his statement:

We will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.


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