The Tweet that has 5 Seconds of Summer Fans Preparing for the Band’s Breakup

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Ever since Zayn Malik announced his departure from One Direction back in March, all bands’ fans have been on edge. While there are always rumors that one person is thinking about pulling a ZM and leaving the group to go solo, they’re usually shot down fairly quickly. But in the cast of 5 Seconds of Summer, it was a band member himself who shocked the world and caused fans to be terrified that he’s planning on quitting.

Calum Hood, 5SOS’ bassist, is known for being goofy, lovable, and generally super happy, which is why the group’s fans freaked the eff out after he posted an ominous tweet over the weekend.



At first, some fans thought the now-deleted note could be song lyrics, but after further inspection realized there don’t seem to be any such much. The 19-year-old Aussie also posted a note about receiving negative comments lately a few days prior.

Whether Calum was being serious about one day leaving the limelight and living a “normal life” or not, the 5SOS family immediately realized that his mental state was not good at rallied behind the brunette cutie using the hashtag #WeLoveYouCalum.


5SOS can’t break up, especially after performing like this!

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