Calum Hood Donates Thousands to Get 5SOS Fan’s Dog Life-Saving Surgery

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There is an angel on this earth and his name is Calum Hood. The 5 Seconds of Summer bassist is busy playing new music and touring the world with his bandmates at the moment, but when he heard that a fan’s dog needs life-saving surgery to remove a tumor, he couldn’t help but chip in.

A member of the #5SOSFam named Ashley Garcia created a GoFundMe to raise $3000 so that her 9-year-old dog, Reyna, who she calls her “best friend,” can get the surgery she needs.

“[The vet] said it’s a breast tumor and needs to be checked if it’s cancerous,” the donation page’s description reads. “I’ve had her for 9 years and seeing her like that break my heart. I can’t lose her. The doctor said she needed the surgery as soon as possible. The surgery is about $3,000 because she also needs to get spayed. My family and I don’t have enough money to cover it all. And I can’t and won’t risk losing her, she’s my best friend.”

Ashley received a few small donations from various people in the hours that immediately followed the post, but then the 22-year-old swooped in earlier this morning and gave the $3000 needed to cover the entire surgery.

When the girl realized what Calum did, without saying a word, we might add, she was understandably overwhelmed and incredibly thankful.

Calum has always been a dog-lover and recently adopted a little cutie named Duke, who he often posts about on social media.

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While it’s not necessarily surprising that Cal decided to do this random act of kindness, it’s definitely beyond heartwarming.