9 Stars Who Can Call Themselves One of Calum Hood’s Celebrity Crushes

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Calum Hood is a member of the biggest bands in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s always willing to be standing in the spotlight. The 5 Seconds of Summer bassist is admittedly shy, tweeting recently, “From a young age I’ve always asked why I don’t talk as much as all the other kids I was surrounded with.”

But just because the 22-year-old guy tends to keep to himself a little bit more than his 5SOS bandmates doesn’t mean he never opens up. In fact, Calum has been pretty forthcoming about his crushes, which is typically something people keep on the DL. Like fellow 5SOS member Luke Hemmings, Cal’s celeb crushes span multiple career paths, hair colors and even genders. Basically, he doesn’t really have a type.