Callan McAuliffe Would Totally “Go For the Geeky Guy” If He Were a Girl (Exclusive Video)

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Ever sit and listen to a guy talk and just get totally dreamy-eyed? That’s what Callan McAuliffe does to us. The I Am Number Four star is the hottest geeky guy we’ve ever met (and that Aussie accent totally helps)! We sat down with Callan recently to talk about the movie, and we found out he’d totally go for a geeky guy (if he were a girl), he has a Thomas the Tank Engine collection and tons more!

Click on to catch our exclusive interview with Callan!

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I Am Number Four is on DVD now! What did you think of Callan’s interview? Do you think it’s funny that he owns a Thomas the Tank collection? Do you love his accent like we do?! Sound off in the comments!