9 Times Caitlyn Jenner Totally Dissed the KarJenners Without a Second Thought

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We’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians since their show’s premiere in 2007, but it’s been easier said than done. That’s because in the past 10 years, this dramatic family has cranked the controversy up a notch — and then another. With more pregnancy rumors than we know what to do with and high-profile breakups coming left and right, keeping up has become much more of a commitment than just pressing play on the latest episode. Now, it feels like a full-time job!

And we haven’t even gotten into all the drama that’s been going down with Caitlyn Jenner, but we’re gonna go there right now. Ever since her transition announcement in 2015, things have been a little tense between her and her famous family. Kim Kardashian was cool with the news at first, but it took everyone else in the famous fam some time to move past their confusion, anger, and sadness, as they mourned the loss of the person they used to know and tried their best to welcome Caitlyn into their lives. There were a lot of important decisions to be made and conversations to be had, but everything seemed to be on the up and up in the end.

And than CJ’s memoir came out. Titled The Secrets of My Life and released in April 2017, the book expanded on some of the things the trans woman had spoken on in her famous Vanity Fair and Diane Sawyer interviews. But instead of just focusing on her gender identity and her personal journey, Caitlyn pulled Kris Jenner and her stepdaughters into the mix — and didn’t have too many nice things to say. This led to some lines drawn in the sand and some Kardashian sisters dissing their former stepdad HARD. But the Olympian has never been one to back down, and the results haven’t been too pretty.