16 People Who Left BuzzFeed to Become YouTube Stars

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Buzzfeed is one of the world’s top digital media companies. Its knack for creating viral quizzes, videos and articles has grown its global audience to 650 million people, and the company gets an average of 9 BILLION views a month.

What BF does isn’t exactly rocket science, however. While the media company does have a team of news writers and investigative reporters, most of its content is fun, silly, entertaining or often all three. Not to mention their office looks like the funnest place to work on earth. That’s why viewers everywhere were so intrigued by the string of “Why I Left Buzzfeed” videos that began popping up in 2016. People couldn’t fathom why anyone would leave a place as fun as the ‘feed, so the vids quickly gained millions of views.

Each person had their own reasons for parting ways with the company, but the three main issues were 1) Lack of ownership of work 2) The inability to work on outside projects and 3) The desire for more freedom. Not surprisingly, a lot of the employees who left Buzzfeed turned to another site that thrives off of viral content: YouTube.