Butterbeer Hair Has Arrived and Harry Potter Fans are LIVING for It!

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Calling all Potterheads! Are you looking for the next big trend to show off your love for all things Harry Potter? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you!

If you’re a true diehard of the series (OR if you’ve ever gone to Universal Studios), chances are you’re somewhat familiar with the iconic beverage known as butterbeer. Although we’ll never get tired of its foamy butterscotch deliciousness, Potterheads have found a new way to rep butterbeer in their day-to-day lives and, NGL, it’s kind of awesome!

The trend first made its debut when Chris Mears, a hair colorist and self-proclaimed HP fan, shared a photo of his butterbeer hair creation on his Instagram account and entered it into a contest. Most importantly, though, while the color absolutely reminds us of the yummy drink, it’s also super cute and totally wearable!

When speaking to Bustle about his latest creation, Chris said, “My inspiration was embracing warmth. I felt like everyone has been so obsessed with cool tones, and ash and silver, that I wanted to do something completely different and opposite.” TBH, considering some of our favorite celebs like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian have rocked icy tones in recent months, we couldn’t be happier that things are starting to warm up… and just in time for summer!

Since Chris shared this new trend with the world, social media has been buzzing with others who’ve felt so inspired that they’ve tried the #butterbeerhair trend for themselves. That’s right! With one search of that hashtag on Instagram, you’ll find several other photos of fellow Potterheads rocking the red, orange and yellow locks in varying intensity. Who knows… maybe you’ll even be inspired to try it for yourself!

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