Don’t Give Up on Bughead’s Relationship, Riverdale Fans!

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Bughead fans can breathe a sigh of relief after Riverdale‘s showrunner urges viewers to keep holding out hope for the fan-favorite couple.

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones may be broken up in Riverdale‘s current standing, but you know what they say: You simply can’t deny true love (or whichever other sappy movie quote about true love finding its way back inserted here).

Although a reconnection of any sort seems physically impossible at the moment, with Jughead rebelling in the Serpents after returning to Riverdale High, and that kiss between Betty and Archie, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has just shed a slight glimmer of hope on the future of their relationship.

“All of our characters went through a harrowing ordeal in the first half of the season [with Black Hood],” Roberto stated in an interview with Glamour. “Even though Bughead broke up, their feelings for each other are very much there — but they’ve got to sort through a bunch of stuff between them.”

Okay, so what relationship doesn’t come face-to-face with a few hardships from time to time? Plus, we all know that the key to any successful relationship is a solid friendship foundation. Roberto agreed, adding that this breakup was necessary and will give them a chance to actually develop a friendship first.

“In a weird way, they have to become friends again to see if it’s even possible to reconnect,” he revealed. But above all else, he gave Bughead shippers all the reassurance we needed, promising, “The Bughead saga is far from over.”

So we got the 4-1-1 on Bughead, but Roberto dropped yet another relationship truth bomb… this time revolving around the rekindling of Betty and Archie. In a vague response regarding a possible Barchie future, Roberto slyly stated, “Interesting! Well, get ready and wait until Episode 14 [which airs next month]. That’s all I’m saying!”

Welp, the suspense has officially knocked us off our feet, but this just gives us all the more reason to keep tuning into Riverdale every Wednesday until we finally get some clarity.