RM Breaks Free from BTS to Join Fall Out Boy for “Champion” Remix

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BTS is taking over, people! The septet KILLED it at the 2017 American Music Awards last month — the boy band’s first-ever performance in the United States — and the troupe’s star power is only rising. That’s clear now more than ever ’cause Fall Out Boy took notice… and teamed up with BTS’ leading man, RM!

RM (a.k.a. Kim Nam-joon f.k.a. Rap Monster), who is known as the main rapper and leader of the South Korean group, flew solo, away from his fellow BTS members, to join FOB for a remix of the band’s “Champion” song — co-written by the band and Sia! — off its 2018 album, Mania. The original single was released on June 22, 2017, but the remix was only announced yesterday, with both bands tweeting the news:

You can bet that #RMxFallOutBoy trended worldwide after those messages were published.

While we’re definitely fans of the original pop-rock track, we’re totally feeling the more hip-hop vibe of the remix, too, especially when RM comes in with:

“I’m just too young don’t know what to believe in // But too young, you know, not to be living.”

Guess we know what everyone’s gonna be listening to for the rest of the day weekend: