The BTS Guys Were Mobbed at the Airport & Fans are Def NOT Having It

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A video recently surfaced on social media of K-Pop group BTS arriving at the airport with a rowdy swarm of fans surrounding the group and, honestly, it’s not pretty.

Apparently, fans showed up at South Korea’s Gimpo International Airport on Wednesday, April 25th, to catch the band’s arrival. Unfortunately, the video footage shows that when the guys did arrive, they were swarmed by tons of people and struggled to make it through the crowd, even tripping along the way.

Although the guys of BTS didn’t address the incident themselves, once fans saw the videos on Twitter, they couldn’t help but to be angry over the behavior of those who were at the airport that day — especially since it appeared that J-Hope hurt his wrist and Jimin tripped.

Following the incident, one person tweeted, “BTS respect us so much…the least you could do is reciprocate the respect by not doing things that make them feel uncomfortable. Mobbing them at airports & giving them zero space is wrong on so many levels,” with another fan sending us a reminder that “they are humans too.”

This isn’t the only time BTS has been swarmed by crazed fans, but now that the guys continue to get more and more popular, their safety is of the utmost importance, and we never want to see them in a dangerous situation. Luckily, the group’s management agency, Big Hit Entertainment, feels the same way and has said that the company will be getting more security for the boys. That’s good because it certainly looks like they need it…