BTS’ Jungkook Breaks Down in Tears on Stage After Pre-Show Injury

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The BTS boys are known for their incredible dance skills, but were thrown for a loop when Jungkook injured himself shortly before a concert and was left unable to perform the planned choreography. In fact, the 21-year-old’s injury was bad enough that he couldn’t even stand during the group’s sold-out London show and had to sit on a stool that his bandmates rolled around the stage all night.

According to a tweet from Big Hit Entertainment, the musician “collided with floor furnishings” while stretching yesterday and ended up hurting his heel.

“Approximately two hours ago following rehearsal and sound check, Jungkook was lightly stretching in the waiting room when he collided with floor furnishings and suffered an injury to his heel,” the statement said. “Medical staff immediately responded and performed the necessary treatment. The opinion of the medical team is that while the injury is not serious, performing choreography may do further damage to the injured area. Following the advice of medical staff, Jungkook will take part in the performance tonight but [will] remain seated without choreography.”

But you know what they say — the show must go on! Jungkook did his best to give the crowd the best show possible and, toward the end of the night, became overwhelmed with emotions. During the performance of “Anpanman,” which was the second to last song in the set, the artist broke down crying either out of gratitude for the support given by his bandmates and the crowd, or out of frustration over the injury.

Luckily, the rest of the BTS boys were there as the tears started flowing and Jimin, specifically, stayed by Jungkook’s side until the song ended.

You did amazing, Jungkook!!