New Details Revealed About BTS & The Chainsmokers’ New Collab, “Best of Me”

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It’s official! Not only are we getting a new album from BTS, we’re also getting an amazing collaboration with The Chainsmokers! It seems like just yesterday that, thanks to the A.R.M.Y., BTS took home the Top Social Artist at this year’s Billboard Music Awards — and now THIS. Squee!

We weren’t the only one who freaked out over BTS’ win at the BBMAs. The guys taught Laura Marano some choreography, hung out with Halsey and definitely got a TON of love from The Chainsmokers. Back in May, the DJ duo tweeted a message to the group and said, “See you guys this summer!” Little did we know that they were planning a sweet, sweet collab for their devoted fans.

It was confirmed on BigHit Entertainment’s Twitter last night that the song will be featured on BTS’ upcoming album, Love Yourself: Her, and the Internet lost all chill. Andrew Taggart worked with some of the BTS rappers to create a track that we are surely going to love.

According to Billboard, the song will reportedly be titled “Best of Me” and “is an energetic EDM track that matches The Chainsmokers’ typical style.” Oh, yeah. We’re so ready to hear this and see them dominate the charts.

While we are excited about the new song, some fans weren’t too thrilled with The Chainsmokers after they posted a now-deleted interview. The interview in question asked Alex Pall if he plans on bringing his dog along with him on tour. The DJ said, “I try to, but she’s really like really ill behaved… I mean, if she could come anywhere, I’d bring her too, well I don’t know if I’d bring her to China.” That comment caused this particular fan to question the guys’ intentions:

After all the backlash, the two made an apologetic statement on their official Twitter page regarding their offensive comment:

It’s safe to say that many are still upset by Alex’s comment, but there are still some fans who are excited for their collab with BTS, right? Right??