Selena Gomez’s Ex Moves on… with a 5 Seconds of Summer Guy’s Former Bae!

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After the roller coaster of a relationship that was Brashton, Ashton Irwin and on-again-off-again girlfriend Bryana Holly are definitely off, because… she’s been seeing Zedd!

Earlier today, the 5 Seconds of Summer drummer told Rove & Sam on Hit 104.1 2DayFM, “I don’t have a girlfriend anymore. I’m on my own. I’m a lone wolf!” While a lot of fans already knew that, given that Bryana has said multiple times — even during her trip to Bali with the 21-year-old cutie this past January — that she’s not in a relationship with anyone, the sometimes pair has a history of getting back together, so many simply assumed that they were still an item. Especially after she sent flowers to his mom on Mother’s Day.

HOWEVER, her recent trip to Disneyland with Selena Gomez‘s 26-year-old ex-boyfriend seemingly puts the final touches on the demise of her former relationship:


The 23-year-old model has not confirmed that she’s dating the DJ, and Zedd (a.k.a. Anton Zaslavski) hasn’t said a word either. But that kiss on the head looks more than a little friendly.
Bryana Holly moved on, so maybe Ashton Irwin will, too? Then he can add to his dating timeline: