6 Cute Celebrities Bryana Holly Has Been Linked to Romantically in the Past

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Is it just us, or does the name Bryana Holly keep popping up? The former Playboy model was first spotted hanging with Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s older brother, Brody, in 2013 and has been on our radar ever since. And now that she’s got an A-list actor on her arm and rumors are going around that she’s pregnant with his baby, we just want to know more. Her Instagram account only says so much, besides the fact that she’s clearly a stunner — and so are her friends!

So we did a little sleuthing to track down all of the Hollywood hotties who have won over the model’s heart in the past (we’re looking at you, Ashton Irwin) and you might be surprised by a few of them — not to mention a little a lot jealous. We know we sure were! Not all of these are confirmed, obvi, but we’re here to talk about it ALL, even the rumors. Brace yourselves.