The Blonde Side: Our Fave Celebs Who’ve Been Rocking Lighter ‘Dos

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You might not remember, but we dubbed 2011 as The Year of the Redhead because it seemed like all of Hollywood’s A-listers were dying their roots the fiery color (or were born with it, natch). But their time is just about up, since 2012’s apparently all about the blondes. Whether they’re permanently changing up their hair to a way different hue, or pulling a Hannah Montana and just wiggin’ it, this past week alone was full of blondie hair debuts.

See which stars are lightening up, then tell us who did it best!

Kendall Jenner
Kenny tweeted the pic on the right and asked followers what they thought. After a bunch of mixed reviews, she tweeted another pic and said, “Don’t worry! Still a brunette!” Good one, K!

Kylie Jenner
Following in her big sis’ footsteps, Kylie also donned a blonde wig for a little while. What gives?
Hopefully we’ll see the point of it all on a future ep of KUWTK.

At last year’s Grammys (L), RiRi rocked the RC with her red locks. This year (R), howev,
she chose to show off the ombre trend instead. You likey?

Demi Lovato
From black to brown to red to blonde, it looks like the Demster can work just about anything.

Ariana Grande
In an upcoming episode of Victorious, Ari’s bottled pink(ish) ‘do will be covered by this
long Marilyn Monroe-esque faux mane. And honestly? We can’t wait!

Victoria Justice
The hair is one thing. But the eyes? Yikes! Forch, this is for the same Victorious episode as Ariana’s. Phew.

Which girl totally rocks her blonde tresses? Would you ever do something drastic like this to your natural roots? Comment away!

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