One of Your Fave Musical.ly Stars Gives Deets on His Music, Love Life & More!

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Redwall Studio

Redwall Studio

Zach Clayton, better know as Bruhitszach on musical.ly, is one of the most recent Musers who made the jump from social media to the music industry, taking his combined nine MILLION followers along for the ride. While his first three singles were total JAMS, his newest song, “Odd Petals,” (which dropped YESTERDAY) just might be his best (and for sure his most romantic) one yet. Hmmm…we wonder why

A couple of weeks ago, fans started to piece together evidence that seemingly proved there was a romance brewing between the 16-year-old and fellow musical.ly star, Daniella Perkins. Instead of continuing to question the teens’ relationship status, we decided to go straight to the source.

“Nothing’s really official and out there yet. But I mean, we’re really close,” Zach exclusively told us.

Key words here: “official,” “out there,” and “yet.” WINK WINK WINK!

This isn’t the first time the teen’s dating life has been at the center of conversation. Fans were obsessed with his relationship with Baby Ariel until they publicly announced their breakup last July. Soon thereafter, the two headed off to go on tour together! While some might think that’s any former couple’s nightmare, Zach let us know that was really not the case.

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“Nothing was awkward between us because what happened wasn’t like, something bad; it was just a mutual kind of thing. It just wasn’t working out. But we still were really, really close friends afterwards so [going on tour] wasn’t awkward or anything like that.”

That’s really nice to hear!

Zach obv isn’t a total newbie to love, which is why his first ballad doesn’t disappoint.

“I’ve done one song before that was similar to a love song, but it wasn’t as slow as this one, or as deep,” he told us. “This one has a really deep meaning behind it and it’s real vibey. It’s a little slower. So I’m really excited for this one.”

Well, we frickin’ love it! In addition to “Odd Petals,” the Internet star mentioned that he’ll have an EP coming out later this year… so stay tuned!

If Zach & Daniella ever decide to make their ~thing~ offish, they won’t be the only cute couple who met because of musical.ly: