5 TV Brothers We Wish Were Our Own

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Ugh. Brothers can be annoying. Older bros show their affection by giving noogies and ignoring you, while the younger ones play practical jokes and invade your personal space. But if we could swap our sib with one from TV, these are the top 5 bros we’d choose. Would you?

Toby on Switched at Birth
It seems like Toby is always helping Bay out with something. If he’s not covering for her while she sneaks out at night, then he’s picking her up on the other side of town or lending her money. Hey Toby, want to share the love?

ABC Family

Spencer on iCarly
He may be a bit scatterbrained at times, but Spencer always makes it his priority to cheer up Carly when she’s upset and tries to fix her problems. Did we mention he’s willingly taking care of his sister while their dad is overseas? The cutest.


Matt on The Vampire Diaries
Matt loved his sister so much he was willing to die just so he could see her and sacrifice the balance of nature to bring her back to life. Now that’s some true brotherly love!

The CW

Cameron on A.N.T. Farm
Cameron may try to avoid Chyna in the halls of their school, but when someone picks on his baby sis, he will always have her back – even if it means standing up to the meanest and most popular girl in school.

Disney Channel

Ben on Jane by Design
When he’s not being weird (JK, he’s always being weird) Ben’s making his gym class help out his lil’ sis with video projects or he’s staying up at night worrying about Jane’s behavior. Talk about the perfect big bro!

ABC Family

Who’s your favorite TV brother? Which one of these bros would you want as your own? Who else should we have mentioned? Spill it right here!