13 Bad-Ass Gifts That’ll Make You the Best Sister of All Time

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Gift Guide for Your Brother

You guys may fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day you love your brother, though you would’t be caught dead admitting it. You don’t get to express your true feelings for him too often, but the holidays are the perfect time to let him know that you’re still pissed about your beloved 5 Seconds of Summer tee that he used as a hand towel, but you love him anyway.

Now comes the hard part, actually getting a gift that says that for you, because you sure as heck won’t be saying it aloud. Don’t sweat it; we did all the work for you. Whether your brother is a sports fanatic, avid gamer, music junkie or even your typical goofball, we bet you’ll see something you know he’ll love. After he opens one of these awesome gifts, you will become the family favorite in no time. #Winning.