Guess Chloe Grace Moretz’s Reunion with Her Ex Wasn’t a Romantic One

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Don’t get too excited about a Chloe Grace MoretzBrooklyn Beckham reunion just yet. Around last month’s release of her movie, The 5th Wave, the 18-year-old actress was spotted out at dinner at London’s popular Chiltern Firehouse with none other than her 16-year-old former flame, which led many to speculate that they were back on. But we’re guessing that the reunion wasn’t a romantic one because…

He’s still with his girlfriend, Sonia Ben Ammar! David Beckham‘s son and the French model were first publicly linked back in September 2015, after he posted a picture of her on his Instagram when they were together in Paris. While they’ve kept pretty mum on their relationship, paparazzi snapped photos of them in a car together after a dinner date. This. Past. Monday.

Considering Sonia probably heard of his meetup with his ex-girlfriend, and they’re still together, we’re guessing it was nothing more than a friendly hangout session. Darn.

Since it doesn’t sound like Chloe & Brooklyn will be an item any time soon, let us fondly remember how she spoke of him during her Teen Vogue cover shoot, “What I find really interesting about Brooklyn — and what I really love about that kid — is that he is passionate about what he wants, which is to be a pro soccer star. He’s very serious about it. And I enjoy someone who is on my level with the seriousness kind of thing.” Sigh, young love.

Remember Chloe Grace Moretz in If I Stay? Favorite!

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