A Comprehensive List of All the Girls Brooklyn Beckham Has “Dated”

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Being the son of a world-renowned soccer player and a member of one of the biggest girl groups to ever grace the planet definitely has its perks. Not only does Brooklyn Beckham get to have Victoria and David Beckham as parents, but he also is holding his own in the worlds of photography, modeling and, of course, romance.

The 18-year-old just released his first photography book, What I See, that is full of photos of how he views the world through his camera lens. He previously shot a campaign for Burberry and just recently did a photoshoot for YouTube star Cameron Dallas. The teen is serious about his craft, so he enrolled at NYC’s Parsons School for Design to get a degree in the art form.

Although he may just be entering into the spotlight for his own work, that doesn’t mean his name hasn’t been in headlines before. The oldest Beckham child has been at the center of so many dating rumors that we can barely keep track! His relationship status with Chloe Grace Moretz is always unknown, and no one knows what the heck really happened between him and Madison Beer.

Just like us normal people, celebs have to go through their fair share of heartache, dating disasters, etc…they just happen to have dozens of people literally following them around and millions of fans who want to know what’s ~really~ going on between them. We totally understand that just because a star is seen out and about with another person doesn’t automatically mean they’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t always stop the rumors.

We went all the way to the beginning of Brooklyn’s dating career and found all girls he has been linked to, ya know, for scientific purposes.