YouTube Couple Suddenly Splits for the Most Heartbreaking Reason Ever

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Breakups are never easy, but when they’re one-sided and come completely out of the blue, they’re all the more difficult.

While Brittney Lee Saunders and Dylan Sean Ryan had a public tiff in the middle of October, things seemed to be worked out and going well for the YouTube couple in the past couple weeks. Turns out, there was a lot of drama still swirling, because the 25-year-old decided to break up with the 23-year-old seemingly out of the blue. His reason for the split? “He doesn’t love [her] anymore.”

Brittney wrote about the breakup on her Facebook page, but deleted the status shortly after.

“Two days ago I had the person who I thought was the love of my life tell me he doesn’t love me anymore. To me, that’s nothing but a cowardly excuse for whatever is actually going on. It really sucks to pour your heart and soul into someone to have them all of a sudden be able to say, ‘I don’t care.’ Times like this are extremely hard, but life throws these curve-balls at us and I like to believe that from things like this, we only become stronger.”

The beauty guru posted a few heartbreaking Snapchats immediately following the breakup, crying and telling her followers that she had her “heart broken into a million pieces.”

The couple lived together in Melbourne, which is about a 10-hour drive from Brittney’s hometown in Newcastle, Australia.

“Time to pack all my things and move back home, and to surround myself with all of my beautiful family and friends in Newcastle. Onward and upwards.”

Brittney sat down to talk to her YouTube audience about how she’s coping with the breakup and how she plans to move forward with this new chapter of her life in hopes of “spreading positivity” and inspiring her young viewers.

Hopefully Brittney and Dylan will become friends again so they can film a YT video together, too: