Brittana Fans, Unite! The Two Cheerios Will Hook Up “Soon”

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Glee‘s Heather Morris is getting her flirt on in real-life as the new spokesperson for Flirt! Cosmetics, but it looks like art is imitating life for the blonde beaut! Sources over at E! News say that soon, Heather’s character Brittany and her cheerios pal Santana (Naya Rivera) will be getting very, uh, cozy.

But as much as we love Brittana, fans should actually be calling them…

“Santittany,” sources told E!. But couple’s name aside, apparently Santana and Brittany are gonna hook up “soon.” Even though Heather, when asked about the hook up, said “Not that I know of. But i hope so!” fans can rest assured that it is gonna happen. So what does that mean for Brittany and Artie? And the Rachel/Finn/Santana love triangle? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Are you excited to see Brittany and Santana hook up? Or do you like Brittany and Artie as a couple? Share below!