Britt Robertson’s “Cheap” & “Easy” Mother’s Day Gift is Actually Terrible

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s obviously time to celebrate! Or, at the very least, talk about what you’re going to do with your mom this year. In honor of the sweet holiday, we sat down with Britt Robertson, who is one of the many talented ladies in the upcoming film — yep, you guessed it — Mother’s Day!

We talked all about movie — which hits theaters today, FYI — the legendary cast (Julia Roberts! Jennifer Aniston! Kate Hudson!) and the surprising gift that the 26-year-old actress always gave her mother growing up. She might consider it “cheap” and “easy,” but you’ll never guess what it is… because, in her own words, it was “terrible.”

So what does the North Carolina native remember about her own Mother’s Day traditions growing up? It’s all about the DIY projects. “When I was young, and lived at home with my mom — because I have a lot of younger brothers and sisters, but a lot of sisters around my age — we used to make homemade lotions for [her],” Britt told us.

Instagram (@brittlrobertson)

Instagram (@brittlrobertson)

“I wouldn’t consider it a tradition, but we did it a lot because it was a cheap, easy way to give her something that she would appreciate… and also probably never wear,” she joked. “We would collect things from outside and put them in other lotions and different spices or stuff from the kitchen — some terrible concoction — and then we would paint the outside of it and be like, ‘Mom’s homemade lotion!’ you know?”

Britt also reflected on the fact that it’s all thanks to her mom that she fell in love with Julia Roberts’ movies, so working with her (she plays her long-lost daughter) was a dream come true. “Well, it was pretty special for me. Just personally, I grew up watching Julia and I’m such a fan of hers,” the blonde beauty explained.

Pretty Woman was literally the first movie that my mom took me to go to see. I was, like, six months old and didn’t retain anything, but as I got older it was a favorite of mine,” she revealed. “Personally, I was very excited to work with her, but on a professional level, I didn’t even realize how amazing she is. To actually be there and see what she can bring to a role and how far she goes to commit herself. I had a few really special moments with her and I was super grateful for how generous she was.”

Even though they bonded on set, Julia didn’t exactly give Britt life advice, but she did share stories. “There were a few moments where she would even talk to me about her life and sort of share a few moments of things that meant something to her and that was really special for me,” she told us.

She explained, “I don’t think it’s an actor’s go-to to give young actors advice. I don’t think they find themselves to be wise because they’ve just been doing it as I have or anyone else, I don’t know that they see themselves as some wise Yoda person. For her to share something with me was really sweet.”

The Runaway Bride actress is definitely a legend, but she isn’t the only female icon who stars in the film. Britt also worked alongside Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston, which gave us major FOMO. According to The Longest Ride actress, working with those two women was “really cool.”

“The one day I had with Kate and Jen was a really sweet day. It was a Friday [and] we worked seven hours. It was super relaxed and Garry [Marshall, the director] was in his best form, having such a good time,” she recalled. “Kate brought her kids to set that day, so it was just cool to see how she was able to manage her life with her children and also be an actress. That was really impressive. It was just a big learning experience for me. I was just trying to take it all in,” she added.

Open Road Film

Open Road Film

Although Britt totally commended Kate on her ability to be a modern-day super mom, she was the most impressed by Jennifer’s storyline once she finally saw the whole film. “I love everyone’s storyline. I think Jen is like specifically really brilliant in the movie because she has the most to do I feel like and I wasn’t able to see a lot of what she did, so it was quite a surprise to me when I was able to watch her whole storyline and just what she does in the film I think was really smart,” she explained.

“I think Jen’s really great in it and Garry, he’s like the greatest director of all time. I just love him and he’s such a great person and I’m so glad that he made this movie and I’m glad that I was able to be in it,” she revealed.

Obviously Britt was a fan of her own storyline, in which she plays Kristin, a young mom trying to figure out her life, romance and learn where she is really from. Even though that doesn’t exactly describe Britt, who is NOT a mom herself, she can still relate to her complex character.

“I think the similarities are just that me in my life I’m constantly trying to figure out who I am and build on things from the past to try and figure out the future,” the Tomorrowland actresses stated.

“I’m confused a lot, so I do feel like I can relate to Kristin in that way because she’s trying to figure out who she is and how to make the best life for her and her daughter that she can and whether or not she is ready to commit to another man permanently in order to do that,” she added.

Speaking of another special occasion in Britt’s life, the recent birthday girl revealed that she actually doesn’t do anything big for day of birth, but she does spend time with loved ones. “Oh gosh, no,” Britt said when asked if she did anything exciting to celebrate turning 26. “The most special time for me is just hanging out with my dogs and with the people I love the most. I just try to keep close on the 18th. April 18th, that was my birthday.”

In all fairness, the young star is really busy, not only with Mother’s Day, but she has two more films coming out within the next year that we got the scoop on, starting with a sci-fi film titled, The Space Between Us, which comes out sometime in 2016. “It’s pretty cool. I mean I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve seen little bits and pieces it should be cool. It’s kind of a sci-fi romance,” she explained about the futuristic film.

STX Entertainment

STX Entertainment

Asa Butterfield and I go on this adventure. He’s a guy who was raised on Mars and so he’s coming to Earth and trying to track down his descendants basically, and I kind of go on a road trip with him. We meet up with some cool people, some shady people. It’s a really fun, like, roadtripy movie. Hopefully it’s good. I don’t know, we’ll see,” Britt said.

Her other upcoming film, titled Mr. Church, is a bit more serious, but her co-star is Eddie Murphy, so life on set was still pretty fun. “Eddie’s a really cool guy, he’s super shy, kind of keeps to himself, but he’s a real sweetheart. Talking to him even like briefly, like on and off set, he was just always really kind and really smart,” she said of the comedian. “He’s also really funny too, but in a more mellow kind of way. It’s awesome to see that side of him. He’s so talented at his medium, but to know that he’s also a really, sweet guy, that’s nice too.”

Make sure to catch Britt in Mother’s Day, in theaters now!

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