11 Times Britney Spears Experienced an Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

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Britney Spears has been consistently pumping out music since the late ’90s, but most people only remember two stages of her career. There was the very beginning when the only time she didn’t wear a belly-baring outfit was in her “Oops I Did It Again” video with the high ponytail and red jumpsuit. And then there was her mental breakdown in 2007 when she went bald, followed by losing custody of her children to husband Kevin Federline and dating a paparazzo.

But that was a decade ago, and it’s not hard to remember that the 36-year-old mother of two has made a comeback since then. With her stint on The X-Factor and the release of her ninth studio album, Glory, she’s been hard at work this whole time. She just finished up a 4-year Las Vegas residency, which she gave everyone a taste of with her televised New Year’s Eve performance. Her return to the classics “Toxic” and “Work B*tch” made it clear that regardless of how much has changed in her career, Britney can still command a stage!

There are a couple other things that have stayed consistent as well. Whether she’s posing in all denim with Justin Timberlake or solo on the red carpet, her same scared smile always remains — you know the one! And with so many performances and public appearances under her belt, who could escape a few wardrobe malfunctions here and there? Let’s just say BS has had her fair share…