From Our BFFs: Are Britney Spears’ Sons Better Dancers Than She Is?

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Britney Spears‘ son Preston really knows how to ‘shake his groove thing’ in this cute video on her YouTube page. We espesh love how he pushes Jayden out of the way…

What’s this — a surprise LIVE performance of “Give Your Heart A Break?” Ugh, why couldn’t we be these Demi Lovato fans?! [Cambio]

Are you a Directioner? Yes?! Then you’ll probs wanna know how to win a bunch of (signed!) One Direction swag. Don’t worry, we gotchya covered… [J-14]

We’re still crying over Justin Timberlake‘s engagement to Jessica Biel, but at least we can still fawn over his new Givenchy ads. Hubba hubba. [Hollywire]

Twilight vs. High School Musical — which one had the better prom moment? [gURL]

The 15 most amazing TV/movie schools, including Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, and Glee‘s William McKinley High! [HuffPost High School]

If we were Nina Dobrev, we would’ve spent our 23rd birthday making out with Ian Somerhalder hanging out with our celeb friends. Instead, this is how she chose to celebrate… [Just Jared Jr.]

All the January premieres of our favorite shows have offish debuted. But which was the best? The Vampire Diaries‘? The Lying Game‘s? Modern Family‘s? Decide! [Wetpaint]

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the prettiest little liar of ’em all? We’re not gonna pick ourselves, but it looks like someone else has chosen who’s the most gorg of the Pretty Little Liars chicks… [Posh24]

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