Woof! Britney Spears Welcomes New Addition to Her Family

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Christmas came a little early for Britney Spears — she just got herself an adorable little puppy! The X Factor judge posted this photo on Facebook of herself and the cute pooch with the caption, “I want you all to meet my new little baby girl Hannah ♥ How cute is she?!?!” Um, pretty dang cute!

This pup isn’t just a cutie pie, but it’s technologically savvy, too! A Twitter account was set up in Hannah’s name and it already has over 6,000 followers! One of Hannah’s most recent tweets:

Life isn’t too rough for this pooch, that’s for sure! (Sorry, we had to!)

We wonder if Britney adopted this little cutie to console her after two of her acts (Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray) were eliminated from The X Factor last week? This cutie pie would certainly turn our frown upside down!

What do you think of Britney’s new pup? Sound off in the comments!

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