Brit Brit Teases Us With “I Wanna Go” And We’re So Ready To Go For More (Video)

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Britney Spears definitely made us think she was trying to channel in her old days when she released the cover art for her single, “I Wanna Go.” And after we saw this teaser for the vid, she’s pretty much confirmed it. Brit is not only wearing a belly shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, but she’s basically saying “Hey, look at me, I was a total wild child!” From standing on top of a cab to hitting the paps with a mic, Brit is kind of acting like her old wild-child self. And, not gonna lie, we missed badass Brit.

Click on to catch this 30 second teaser for “I Wanna Go!”

The full vid comes out on Wednesday, so stay tuned! Looking forward to it? Do you think Britney was trying to send a message with this vid? Tell us what you think in the comments!