“Criminal” Is Brit Brit’s New Single! But, Uh, We’re Not Happy About It

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We love Britney Spears majorly huge amounts, but we’re kind of upset about the song she chose for her new single. We’ve known since the MTV VMA’s that “Criminal” would be her next single off “Femme Fatale,” but if you’ve heard the song like we have, you’re probably a little bit…confused?

And here’s why…

“Criminal” is just not as catchy as, like, most of the other songs on Brit’s album. Maybe she wanted to slow it down a bit by releasing this song, but why couldn’t she choose “Gasoline,” which has a ridiculously catchy hook? Or “How I Roll,” which was rumored to be her next single in the first place? Listen to “Criminal” below and tell us if we’re exaggerating:

Do you like the song? What would you have chosen as the next single? What do you hope the music video is about? Spill it.