Hotties of the Week: The Sexiest British Celebs Playing American Movie Characters

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What’s the bigger deal this week: the Fourth of July or the release of The Amazing Spider-Man? …Hmm, tough call. So we figured we’d somehow combine the two amazing events into one epic Hotties of the Week round-up. You ready for it? British celebrities — like Andrew Garfield! — in American — ya know, for Independence Day — roles. Pure. Brilliance.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew is so convincing in all his roles — especially in The Social Network
and Spider-Man — we totally forgot he was even a Brit! Until we did this interview with him. Then we remembered again.

Andrew Garfield, American Accent


Robert Pattinson in Twilight
Though his true accent accidentally makes some appearances in the saga,
we’re still all about RPattz’s portrayal of all-American boy vampire Edward Cullen.

Robert Pattinson, American Accent


Nicholas Hoult in X-Men: First Class
And he’s (rumored to be) reprising his role in the sequel!
The downside? It’s not set to come out until 2014. Ugh.

Nicholas Hoult: American Accent

Twentieth Century Fox

Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four
Although we haven’t exactly heard stellar things about Alex,
no one can deny his brooding hotness. OMG, that jawline.

Alex Pettyfer, American Accent


Tom Felton in Rise of the Planet of the Apes
You gotta love Tom’s attempt at U.S. English.
Have you seen him on MTV After Hours with Josh Horowitz? Hilar.

Tom Felton, American Accent

Twentieth Century Fox

Aaron Johnson in Kick-Ass
Playing a super-hero/nerd, we had zero idea this guy was English until we watched his interviews for Savages! So that’s gotta mean he’s a good actor, right?

Aaron Johnson, American Accent


Carey Mulligan in Drive
Considering Carey’s had to ditch her accent in basc all her movie roles,
we thought she deserved a little love too.

Carey Mulligan, American Accent


Ed Westwick in J. Edgar
We’re so used to Ed’s non-British speak on Gossip Girl,
we actually wish he took on more roles in his native tongue. So sexy!

Ed Westwick, American Accent

Warner Bros.

Eddie Redmayne in Hick
Not only does Eddie abandon his normal U.K. speak for American English,
he had to don a Southern accent in this Chloe Moretz/Blake Lively flick as well.

Eddie Redmayne, American Southern Accent

Lighthouse Entertainment

Jim Sturgess in 21
He may play a super-smart card-counter who makes about six figures every weekend,
but we’d total settle for average Jim IRL as long as he talks in his sensuous everyday language.


Which British celebrity playing an American character is the sexiest? Are there any others that didn’t make the list? Do you think English guys are hotter than ones from the US?

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