Rating (Hot!) British Actors on Their American Accents

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We've brought it up before, but a lot of (hot!) British talents are taking over American roles. Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kick-Ass; Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim — you get it. You won't hear any complaints from us about it though… well, not a lot anyway.

While we fully commend a lot of the English for taking on an entirely different dialect than their own, there are some who are clearly masters of varying tongues and others… not so much. So, we're rating some of the most notable British actors using American accents on a scale of 1-10. Follow along with us, then tell us your personal ratings for the hotties in the comments!

Sam ClaflinThe Lost Future
RATING: 2. Love you, Sam. Like, a lot. But it's not the best thing we've ever heard.
Same goes for the accent in Catching Fire. "Do you wawnt a shoogir cewb?"
Theo JamesDivergent
RATING: 8. He even keeps his accent the whole time he's on the set. Gotta give him props.

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