The Post That Has People Worried That Another YouTube Couple is Breaking Up

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When Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers posted a video to their YouTube channel, OurLesbianLove, yesterday titled “TAKING TIME APART!,” we (and the rest of their fans) assumed the worst. In fact, one of the ladies even confirmed that the vid was not click bait, and they really were doing their own thing for a bit to work on their romance.

As you can imagine, the entire world freaked the eff out; and can you blame ’em? In the past seven days alone, Ally Hills & Stevie Boebi, Emma Blackery & Luke Cutforth, Shannon Beveridge & Cammie Scott AND Jeana Smith & Jessie Wellens all announced their breakups. Obviously, Bria and Chrissy supporters were quick to assume the worst.

As soon as the 29- and 25-year-old girls realized that there was absolute panic happening thanks to their video and tweets, they quickly jumped online to calm everyone’s nerves. Yes, they might’ve technically been ‘on a break for a brief moment, but never had any plans to split for good. In fact, they even confirmed that the irony of the situation was “just bad random timing,” and they “create [their] videos one week/two weeks.”

The brunette beauties decided to change the title of the vid to prevent any further confusion or speculation.

WHEW. If another one of our faves called it quits, we literally wouldn’t have been able to survive.


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