YouTube Star Claims He Cheated on His Girlfriend, But That Isn’t the Worst Part

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Clickbait gets the best of us. Ever seen headlines like, “This Famous Person Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore,” and it turns out that *gasp* the celebrity got a haircut. Whomp whomp. Nevertheless, they always get us to click on the off chance that something actually juicy happened. So when YouTuber Brennen Taylor posted a video titled, “I cheated on my girlfriend!” you better believe that we clicked on it… and, boy, do we regret it.

On March 2, the 21-year-old social media star, who’s been linked to 18-year-old Maggie Lindemann since January, posted seven minutes and eight seconds worth of footage on his official channel, along with the following description: “So i did something stupid… I know i shouldn’t have but i just couldn’t resist. Babe if you’re watching this video… IM SO SORRY… please take me back…..” Like… OBVIOUSLY this would hook ANYONE to watch.

“I really like my girlfriend; I like her a lot, like, more than I’ve liked any other girlfriends,” he said in the video. “But I just need to know if this is real, so I’m going to try something out. I invited another girl over right now. I need to know how it feels.” That so-called other woman? Yeah, it was a male friend of Brennen’s, former Vine star Big Nik, dressed up in an oversized, pink LIFEGUARD T-shirt and a curly, brown-haired wig, going by the name Shawarma. The worst part: Brennen had his friend don a high-pitched, stereotypical Indian accent.

“Honestly I found this extremely offensive and racist,” said YouTube user Mya Pai. “It was really stereotyped and as an Indian American i think it’s wrong to depict Indians this way especially when this is the only mention of Indian culture or nationality on this channel.”

“wat a fcking racist a**hole,” YouTube user D-MATRIX put more bluntly.

In summation, Brennen isn’t a cheater (as far as we know) — he’s ignorant. We guess that’s still better than what Maggie had to deal with in her last relationship. Remember when Carter Reynolds tried to force her to perform oral sex on him? *cringes eternally*
You know why this was so believable? ’cause YouTubers are caught in cheating scandals all.the.time. These guys know the deal: