Another Popular YouTube Star Comes Out as Transgender in Moving Speech

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YouTube star Brendan Jordan has been open about being slightly confused about his (Editor’s Note: Brendan says he’s comfortable with both ‘he’ and ‘she’ pronouns, so we will be using the former in this post for consistency’s sake) sexual orientation since June 2015 when he told Daily Xtra that he has been “really questioning” being transgender. And now, while the 16-year-old is “still figuring it out,” he’s ready to talk about his sexuality.

“I’m starting to identify as one, or as part, of the trans community,” Brendan said at the Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive Conference in late February. “I can’t really label it, because, you know, some days, my more feminine side comes out — the ‘she’ — and some other days I don’t feel like putting on my fabulous mask, and the ‘he’ comes out, and I’m totally okay with that.”

This announcement came just days after YouTube comedian Jordan Raskopolous announced that she is transgender. While Brendan clearly stated that he identifies as a part of the transgender community, many people were confused because he also said that he feels both masculine and feminine. The viral video sensation answered his followers’ questions by explaining that he actually considers himself gender fluid, which he says is a facet of being transgender.

The LGBTQ advocate finished his speech by explaining that while all of his questions may not be answered at this moment, he’s perfectly content with the person he is today.

“I don’t know who I am, or where I will be going in the future, who I will be 10 years from now but I’m still a teenager. I just like the limitless feeling of it, and I’m perfectly fine with who I am now. I just identify with both genders, so I go by the pronouns he or she and it’s just what I’m happy with.”

Watch Brendan explain his sexual orientation further in this honest video:

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