What It’s Like to Star on Three Major Nickelodeon Projects at the Same Time

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It’s no secret that pretty much everyone has dreamed of starring on their own Nickelodeon show at least once in their life. Who wouldn’t want to be Zoey on Zoey 101 or Tori on Victorious? While we may have given up on living the glamorous Hollywood life, there is one teenager who hasn’t.

Breanna Yde is a 14-year-old actress and singer who already has a résumé longer than our own. Breanna was born in Australia but moved to L.A. to pursue her dreams of standing in the spotlight. You probably recognize her name from her time as Frankie Hathaway on The Haunted Hathaways or her current role as Tomika on School of Rock. Not only is School of Rock about to air the second half of Season 3, but she has TWO huge new projects coming out that you’re not going to want to miss.

Breanna stopped by our NYC office and we talked about everything, from what it’s like to star on so many things at once to scary on-set accidents. As crazy as it is to think about working on Nickelodeon, to Breanna, it’s normal.

“Nickelodeon is like my second family right now, it’s become a major part of my life for five or six years; literally, half my life,” Breanna said. “You know, growing up, Nickelodeon was, like, THE channel, and so for me, watching Drake and Josh, Victorious and iCarly, I would look up to them and want to be like those people. For me to be that person to other people is crazy.”

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Her fans definitely love her. Just this year, Breanna was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female TV Star for her job on School of Rock! We don’t know about you, but at 14, we definitely weren’t going to award shows.

Although she didn’t win, Breanna could not stop gushing about the whole experience. “It was crazy; KCAs are huge! [It was] always the only awards show I knew by heart; that and the Grammys,” Breanna said. “Those were the only award shows I was interested in watching and so being nominated was incredible and I’m so thankful. So many of my fans were so supportive so it was awesome. The slime was crazy.”

While we are still waiting to check ‘get slimed on Nickelodeon’ off our bucket list, Breanna is getting ready for the premiere of her new Nickelodeon movie, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. The movie, based on the book by the same name, follows a group of friends around a library as they see literary icons come to life and must solve the clues in order to get out.

Just the trailer alone is getting us super excited and Breanna spilled on what it was like behind the scenes.

“My favorite scene to shoot was when we go into the classic section to find Romeo and Juliet,” Breanna said. “We had harnesses and we were flying through the air, we were up 20 feet or something like that and it was really fun. It was the last scene of the day, it was craziness, but so fun.”

Although it was her favorite scene, it was also one that almost caused some serious harm.

“When we were doing the harness scene, you know, they can be really uncomfortable,” Breanna explained. “All three of us were up in harnesses at the same time, and in the same place up in the air, and our harnesses got tangled and one got up right around my neck.”

While that may have been super scary in the moment, we’re glad that Breanna is totally okay.

The movie is premiering on Nickelodeon on October 9 and Breanna is super excited for everyone to feel inspired and encouraged to dream big. “I hope that people feel inspired to read more book,” she said, “especially because to me reading really opens up creativity.”

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If that isn’t enough, Breanna is also starring in the upcoming Mariah Carey-inspired animated Christmas movie, All I Want for Christmas is You, that is coming out in November. For the film, Breanna actually got to sing with Mariah, and she obviously had a total freak-out moment.

“I met up with Mariah in the studio and we recorded and I was freaking out the entire time,” Breanna said. “The hardest part was the fact that I was recording her song. Like, can I change it a little or do I just leave it? It was so crazy.”

Not only are we a little lot jealous of Breanna’s life, but we are seriously inspired by her hard work and dedication. We can’t wait to see what she does next!
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