9 Breakup Songs That Were Obviously Written About Joe Jonas

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There’s more to Joe Jonas than his stellar smile and dreamy eyes, and all of his exes want you to know allll about it.

Well, okay. Maybe not all of his former flames. But judging from his long list of exes, it’s clear that he’s broken his fair share of hearts. From Demi Lovato to Taylor Swift, it’s safe to say that he’s not exactly Boyfriend of the Year material. But you know what? His famous exes weren’t about to let him off that easy. It turns out that these splits inspired a few of them to write some of the best breakup songs ever.

Now, we know revenge songs might seem kind of petty and immature, but if you think about it, turning to music is probably one of the best ways to get over a breakup. After all, calling it quits is hard to do, and Joe’s exes know this ‘all too well.’ Check out these nine songs that were supposedly (re: definitely) written with the Jonas Brothers alum in mind:

1. “Mistake” by Demi Lovato — Though she never explicitly said that the tune was about Joe, it sounded an awful lot like she was referring to their split when she explained her response to the song’s lyrics. On the music app Spotify, Demi said, “I was really intrigued by the fact that the girl had just been broken up with and it was the other person’s fault and it was the other person’s greatest mistake. I thought that was really interesting. It was a different take on a breakup.” That sounded kind of familiar, considering the fact that Joe dumped her. But she also said, “Rather than sit around feeling heartbroken, you can listen to it and feel almost empowered thinking, ‘I’m not going to let this get me down. It was HIS greatest mistake.'”

2. “Without the Love” by Demi Lovato — This song left fans wondering about whether the lyrics were inspired by Joe, but the fans had good reason to believe it. In the song, she sings, “You put me in the spotlight just to steal the show, and you try to take me home like you’re DiMaggio.” Since the baseball player DiMaggio’s first name is actually Joe, chances are, she was actually making a reference to the real Joe. And plus, she croons, “Why are you singing me love songs? What good is a love song? A love song without the love?” That could very well be Demi voicing her frustration because of how their relationship ended. Demi clearly still wanted to be with Joe, while Joe didn’t feel the same way.

3. “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ —  During their relationship, AJ wrote “Potential Breakup Song” about the now-26-year-old, and it says, “It took too long for you to call back, and normally I would just forget that, except for the fact it was my birthday, my stupid birthday.” Joe even shared this story once, “My ex-girlfriend sent me a piece of her birthday cake in the mail and it was an ice cream cake. That’s when I knew it was kind of over.” So apparently he really did forget AJ’s birthday. Shame on you, Joe.

4. “Closure” by Aly & AJ — After “Potential Breakup Song,” AJ and Joe seemed to work things out. But shortly after, things were going downhill again because of long distance. Joe actually ended up doing a song with his brothers called “Move On” after their split, and it suggested that the breakup was pretty bad. But in response, Aly & AJ did “Closure,” a song about finally moving on (from Joe). The song says, “I saw you today taking my breath away, but then you opened your mouth without thinking and then I recalled why I ended it all.”

5. “Forever and Always” by Taylor Swift — T.Swift made it pretty clear that this song was inspired by Joe Jonas, who dumped her over a 27-second phone call. She explained on the album, “”Forever & Always” is about when I was in a relationship with someone and I was just watching him slowly slip away. I didn’t know why, because I wasn’t doing anything different. I didn’t do anything wrong. He was just fading. It’s about the confusion and frustration of wondering why? What changed? When did it change? What did I do wrong? In this case, the guy I wrote it about ended up breaking up with me for another girl. Guess I know why he was fading.” Ouch.

6. “Better Than Revenge” by Taylor Swift — Well, this song was actually directed at Camilla Belle, the one that Joe left her for. But still, it was pretty much inspired by Joe’s actions and their relationship. Taylor didn’t hold back at all with the lyrics, which state, “She came along, got him alone and let’s hear the applause // She took him faster than you could say sabotage.” She also sings, “She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think, she’s an actress, whoa // She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress, whoa.”

7. “You’re Not Sorry” by Taylor Swift — This song was supposedly written in response to Joe’s song, “Sorry” (though it’s not exactly clear who that song was about, it’s rumored that it could’ve been about Demi). In his song, Joe says, “We could run away, we could change our fate, baby, what can I do to show you I’m sorry?” But Taylor is basically giving a direct response with her own song when she sings, “And you can tell me that you’re sorry, but I don’t believe you baby, like I did before // You’re not sorry, no no, no no.”

8. “Last Kiss” by Taylor Swift — Rumor has it that this song has a bunch of secret messages hidden in it, and they all point straight to Joe Jonas. So for example, she starts singing at the 27th second of the song, which is the same amount of time it took for Joe to break up with her over the phone. And also, in the song, she says, “I ran off the plane that July 9th,” which is referring to the time she actually flew out to Dallas to see Joe in concert.

9. “Holy Ground” by Taylor Swift — This is probably the only positive song that was inspired by Joe Jonas. In “Holy Ground,” Taylor reflects on the good times they had during their relationship. While talking about her Red album, Taylor explained that it was “a song I wrote about the feeling I got after years had gone by and I finally appreciated a past relationship for what it was, rather than being bitter for what it didn’t end up being.” Awww, so adorable.

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