Yep, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Is The Best Movie Of The Century.

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SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this article without having seen the movie if you’re a fan. Also, this was written to be read with “A Thousand Years” playing in the background; I dare you not to cry.

The true culmination of an eternal journey; the epic farewell to a saga, which has broken through walls of great expectation. Millions of lives touched, and uncountable hearts reached – as an era lacking of pale faces and red eyes is quickly approaching, fans filled to the brim with anxiety are forced to unite and state with great discomfort, “The Twilight Saga is now over.”

As a fourteen-year-old with a heart directed solely towards the world of Twilight- a little girl who has sought great passion in a role model named Kristen Stewart; I was fortunate enough to live out the opportunity of a lifetime just two weeks ago (my life has been completed in just a few short years, impressive I know). The chance to become one of the initial teenagers to witness the phenomenon the surrounding world has anxiously anticipated. As I entered into a theater filled with bright lights and bouncing energy, I simply could not have predicted the excitement lying in 115 minutes ahead.

The author at a press screening in L.A. on October 30th

The eyes of a matured Bella were enough to compel me into a state of utter swooning. My eyes glued to the action before me; my heart magnetized towards the creature-defined couple depicted above me (warning tears will be shed bring tissues). The epitome of an edge-of-your-seat thriller — the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II is simply the movie of the year. Just kidding, the movie of the decade. No, I have granted myself the power to make this judgment, and have decided, the appropriate title this cinema deserves most accurately would be, “best movie of the century, no series will ever top it, so please do not attempt.”

As a teenager filled with larger than life aspirations and yearn for future relationships, Bella and Edward (perhaps even Rob and Kristen) have represented something greater than just soul mates: their connection lying beyond the boundaries of desire. They embody the notion that relationships bypass any hurdle, if we choose to face them- two people are drawn closer together through the scheme of struggle. Bella and Edward are icons of the tender bond we each wish to seek. These characters are sky rocketed up to a whole new level of bond, as we witness Bella’s transformation into Edward’s equal. The connection no longer forced or hindered by teenage-awkward spells, the link binding these two Cullen’s together is now a natural yearn and passion; fulfilled with blinding lovey-dovey actions, and maybe even a few faint worthy lip-to-lip efforts.

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However, my fear in this awaited alteration of the new Bella was the exploitation of everything we all love so much about this all to accurate depiction of a developing girl. Her clumsy feet, her grunge-ridden style, and the underlying innocence she paints over herself. My fear was quickly whisked away the moment Kristen puts Bella back in the correct shoes (both figuratively and literally). To put the matter lightly, a style evolution has taken place during the course of the past four years. From jeans and flannels, to now dresses and heels; Bella has fully delved into the world of Cullen.

The churning in my stomach subsided, as soon as I saw the black Ked’s. In this moment the adoration I acquired for this enhanced version of “Bells” was uncanny. The simple symbol of the sneakers, proved how Bella was able to keep prominent pieces of herself during such a diluted period of her life, being able to seek human elements beyond the animal she’d become. By the conclusion of the film Bella returns back to the state we all will remember so well: hiding under the cover of jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. A truly well-played detail on Bill Condon’s behalf.


Speaking of the ending of this ending, any montage makes me shed gallons of tears. So, picture if you will, being the only teenager in a room filled with reporters, and suddenly the last minute of your unexplainable passion is about to approach. Suddenly, a montage of practically the past four years of your existence is scrolling with A Thousand Years Part 2 in the background.

What would your makeup look like after that occurrence? Prepare yourself to never look at Twilight through the same lens. Prepare yourself, for a life changed, an “aww” moment professed. The settlement provided within the knowledge that the Cullens are OK. Their tribulations are justified. That peace has been blanketed above them. My heart melted within the depth of my body and every emotion in existence was exploding in my mind. Every audience member-fan or not- will experience nothing but tears as the credits roll, a fantasy put to bed.

Wow. The only word which naturally flowed off the tip of my tongue. It was the only word, which carried the weight in expressing the rollercoaster my mind was spinning with infectious impact from. No interview could have prepared me, no article could have braced me. A truly interactive film with pure passion and love. A connection between actor and audience, projected so profoundly. It allows the comfort to let go; the completeness of a dream fulfilled. Bella and Edward will remain in our heart’s eternally, their story a reassuring support that love will always find its path back to you.

A close has been marked over the story that changed the lives of so many, a bow tied on top, a deep influence revealed. Twilight is a lifestyle, no longer just a film. Edward is a hero no longer a monster. Bella is an icon no longer just an iconic teenager. Breaking Dawn is a tale like no other, a saga of new heights. Twilight is over; but the fandom connecting us all is only just beginning.