Leave Your Questions For The Vampire Cast Of Breaking Dawn: Part 2!

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Nikki Reed Ashley Green Jackson Rathbone Kellan Lutz

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The time has come Twihards. It’s the last promotional tour for a Twilight movie so let’s go out with a bang and ask some of the movie’s stars like Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone some humdinger questions. No ‘What was your favorite scene to shoot?’ or ‘Tell us a funny story from the set’ questions allowed. For starters, they’ve been asked those questions a million times, most recently at Comic Con, and secondly, they shot these movies FOREVER ago so they probably can’t remember anyway.

We’re looking for the questions nobody will think or dare to ask. Questions like, ‘Why do hot dogs come in packs of ten and hot dog buns in packs of eight?’ or ‘Describe your entire Twilight experience in three words that rhyme.’ The crazier the better!

So get thinking and leave your awesome questions below. You can also tweet them to us using #TwilightTeen or to our editor @stacysays and teen columnist @lilyzweig who are covering all things Breaking Dawn Part 2 (yes, we’ve seen it!) leading up to the movie’s November 16th release.

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