We Already Saw Breaking Dawn (Jealous?!) And Here’s (Almost) Everything You Need to Know

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So you still have to wait 2 more weeks until you can see Breaking Dawn in theaters, but guess what? You only have to wait 2 more seconds to read our initial thoughts on the flick. We sent out a reporter to an advanced screening of BD last night in LA who told us what we need to know about the movie without giving too much away, of course. And the flick is as good, if not better, than you’re expecting it to be. No duh.

Click below for 5 things to expect with Breaking Dawn!

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1. Even if you haven’t read the book, you’ll love the movie. Our reporter’s words to describe Breaking Dawn? “I absolutely LOVED the movie! I definitely think it is, by far, the best one. I knew some of the other people at the screening, and they all loved it the best even though they haven’t read any of the books. So you can only imagine how much the Twihards will enjoy it!”

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2. But if you have read the books? You’ll love it even more. “I think this film may be even truer to the books than the others,” she told us. “There weren’t many scenes where I thought, ‘that didn’t really happen,’ or ‘that’s a lot different.’ It definitely exceeded even the images that I had created in my mind when I first read the book.”

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3. The wedding scene was as good as you think it’s gonna be. Our reporter told us that “the wedding was AMAZING! Kristen does a great job at conveying to the audience, right off the bat, the type of love and bond she has with Edward.” OMG, we can’t wait.

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4. But the infamous sex scene? Not so much. She told us “I feel like the sex scene wasn’t as exciting because so many photos and clips had already been leaked online for the past few months. There wasn’t much more than what we already see in the trailer. But I wouldn’t say it disappoints.” Ok. Phew.

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5. You’ll get to hear the wolves’ point of view. Rather than just hearing the story through Bella’s eyes, in Breaking Dawn, “the camera takes us into the forest from the wolf pack’s eyes, and shows us what it would sound like in their minds on the “wolf channel.”

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Oh and BTW, we also hear that Kristen Stewart isn’t at all awkward in Breaking Dawn (come on, she’s pretty awkward in the other three movies), but that Jackson Rathbone’s character, Jasper, is! Apparently the audience laughed at all of his lines, but not in a good way. Yikes.

Check out the latest clip from Breaking Dawn below:

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