Brant Daugherty Reveals He Was Mugged at Gunpoint After ‘Dancing with the Stars’

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WENNAs much as anyone could appreciate the crazy and dangerous plotlines on Pretty Little Liars, one of the most recent events that one of the ABC Family show's former stars, Brant Daugherty, had to experience in real life is outright scary.

On September 23, after a knockout performance on Dancing with the Stars, the 28-year-old actor returned home only to find a man with a gun who demanded that he fork over his possessions. He reveals to PEOPLE, "After the show I got dropped off and was walking up to my apartment building and a man followed me up with a gun and told me to give him my stuff. It was a complete random occurrence of events and it led up to one of the worst nights of my life after having such a great night last week on the dance floor."

Fortunately, Brant is safe and says the mugger made off with only a pair of workout pants, two T-shirts, dance shoes, a toothbrush and his cell phone. He kids, "Somewhere out there there's a dancing thief with great teeth. We like to joke that we changed his life. When he got my dance shoes he swore away his life of crime and he's going to start doing the salsa now."

Considering he lives in a "very safe neighborhood," it came as a shock to police. But we're glad to see that Brant's shaken it off enough to put on all the moves on the dance floor on DWTS.

In better news, we spent two days with Brant Daugherty!

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