13 Reasons Why Actor Praises the Show for Being “Too Graphic”

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While millions of people are fans of 13 Reasons Why, making it Netflix’s most popular new series ever, countless others don’t understand the hype. The show produced by Selena Gomez has recently been facing a lot of backlash from viewers, critics and even celebrities who say it glorifies suicide and doesn’t tackle the real issue of mental illness.

Brandon Flynn, the actor who plays Justin Foley and was once rumored to be in a relationship with Miles Heizer, recently slammed people’s criticism, saying the 13-part series did NOT glorify Hannah’s death and was “too graphic” on purpose.

“Television is meant for entertainment, but I don’t think suicide is glorified,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m not sure what they see in someone cutting their wrists as glorification. Suicide is a taboo subject, especially suicide among youth. Everyone thinks that their kid lives these quaint and normal lives in school. What I hope people come to realize is that the show is much more than just that one scene.”

The 23-year-old actor continued, “[Hannah’s suicide] scene is so graphic, but what the show deals with leads up to that scene — which is really important to talk about. It’s the behavior among boys and girls at a young age that still exists in adults…If that scene is too graphic for people, that might be good because people are going to talk about it.”

People are definitely talking about it, so if that was the crew’s goal, they definitely accomplished what they set out to do.

While some people are critics of 13 Reasons Why, these celebrities are huge fans: