Braided Rose Hair is Everything We Needed for Spring & More

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One of our absolute favorite things about Spring is that we get to welcome florals back into our wardrobe and our beauty collection. But good news, everyone! Now there’s a new way to rock floral, and it’s in the form of a hairstyle. Say whaaat?!

That’s right! The latest trending hairdo is the braided rose, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Thanks to Connecticut-based hairstylist Alison Valsamis, the people of Instagram are freaking out at what appears to be their new favorite spring hairstyle, and we totally get why. Just look at how gorgeous it is:

While we can’t help but love the muted pink and the rose design in the photo above, this definitely isn’t the only time Alison experimented with the braided rose trend. In fact, there’s way more where that came from! On her Instagram account, @braidedandblonde, Alison shares tons of photos of the hairstyles she creates, and lately, she’s been incorporating roses in many of them! In this one, she even combined the roses with a mesmerizing dutch braid:

Basically, the lesson here is, if you’re not scrolling through Alison’s IG feed for hair inspo this spring, you’re doing it all wrong. Even if there’s no way you could achieve this look on your own, it’s still fun to scroll through in amazement, so what are you waiting for?! Go check it out!