20 Raunchy Tweets Fans Wrote About A Star is Born Actor Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper Dirty Tweets

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We’ll keep it real with you: if you haven’t yet seen A Star is Born yet, you’re seriously missing out! As we all know, the highly acclaimed flick stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and although Jackson Maine (Bradley’s character) is extremely troubled, there’s something about the actor that we can’t help but swoon over! Of course, this isn’t a new development. We had a crush on B.Coops when we saw him in The Hangover, American Sniper and, of course, Silver Linings Playbook!

All that aside, there’s simply no denying that the 43-year-old actor is aging like fine wine and, TBH, people in the Twitterverse have also noticed! However, while we typically sit back and admire the Hollywood hunk from afar, others have written extremely raunchy tweets about him without caring if he sees or not. That’s right, fam! With a simple Twitter search, we came across some shocking messages fans wrote about Bradley that you have to see to believe. Come on… don’t pretend like you’re not at least curious!