21 Inappropriate AF Tweets The Vamps Fans Legitimately Sent to Brad Simpson

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To be a member of any successful young band you must: be adorable AF, have some serious talent, and be willing to be on the receiving end of some HIGHLY dirty tweets on the reg. Like the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, and Big Time Rush, The Vamps’ Brad Simpson has a Twitter page that has @ replies so inapprops that even the dirtiest of minds will be taken aback. Think you can handle some of them? Take a look…

1. Umm…no.

2. ‘Violently?!?’

3. Is it?

4. We can’t say for sure, but we’re guessing the answer was no…

5. WTF!?! WHY???

6. Example of something you should NOT ask a stranger:

7. *covers eyes as you’re wiggling brows*

8. #Casual

9. In the wise words of Pretty Ricky…

10. Ummmm…

11. Welp, that’s blunt!

12. And so’s that!

13. WTF!?!

14. Or, let’s not and say we did!

15. Wow, that’s beautiful.

16. #LifeMotto


18. NOOOO!

19. ~cringing eternally~

20. This sounds painful:

21. And the forever classic:


Pretty sure the time fans saw The Vamps in their undies doesn’t help calm the inapprop-tweet storm. Get all the deets on the embarrassing moment here: