10 Types of Boys Everyone Falls for At Some Point

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There are a million types of boys in the world. Some of them are going to be really terrible for you and you won’t understand what you ever saw in them when you look back on things. But others will make you fall ridiculously in love with them and there’s nothing that you’ll be able to do about it.

Here are the ten very different types of boys that every straight girl finds themselves head over heels over at some point in their lives:

1. The Emotionally Unavailable Boy. The worst is when he’s convinced that he’s totally ready for a relationship until, oh don’t know, he’s in one and realizes that he isn’t.

2. The Physically Unavailable Boy.Otherwise known as long-distance relationships, which only the strongest couples can survive.

3. The Bad Boy. There’s just something about that leather jacket of his that he literally never removes that gets your fire goin’.

4. The Selfish Boy. Who only considers his time and wants. Yuck.

Heidi Montag The Hills Selfish

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5. The Really, Really Selfless Boy. He’s the best boy! That is, until you realize that he spends so much time thinking about what you want that he never really figures out what it is that he’s looking for.

Justin Long Selfless

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6. The Super Funny Boy. The other best boy, with whom you’ll never see a boring moment.

7. The Immature Boy. He thinks that he’s the Super Funny Boy, but he’s actually just The Really Annoying Boy.

Peter Pan Don't Want To Grow Up Immature

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8. The Too-Mature Boy. Who insists that you learn to love drinking cortados and re-reading Moby Dick on weekends.

9. Your Personal Aladdin a.k.a. he shows you a whole new world and takes you to places you’ve never even heard of. Swoooon.

Aladdin A Whole New World

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10. The Too-Hot-To-Be-Real Boy. Which never, ever, ends the way you want it to.

Ryan Reynolds Drool

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