7 Solutions to All Your Biggest Boy Problems

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Oh I Hate Him

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Doesn’t it suck when you run into the most mondo boy problem and have no clue how to solve it? It does; we know from experience. And since we’ve been through it ourselves, we’re here to help you through yours. Because Internet friends help their Internet friends through stuff like this. Or something.

So, here’s our best advice on how to fix up whatever boy problem you’ve currently got in a flash. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any!

1. PROBLEM: You’re unsure if he likes you.

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SOLUTION: Ask a mutual friend to casually bring you up in conversation and see his reaction.


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2. PROBLEM: He ignores you.

SOLUTION: Your energy is probably better spent on someone else.

3. PROBLEM: He’s rude to you.

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SOLUTION: Stop giving him your attention. And, if he asks why, let him know that he’s a jerk.

You're A Jerk

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4. PROBLEM: You like him, but he has a girlfriend.

SOLUTION: Be happy for him, or at least try your hardest to pretend to be.

I'm So Happy

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5. PROBLEM: He likes you a whole lot, but you don’t like him at all.

SOLUTION: Bask in the flattery, until it gets to be annoying or uncomfortable, at which point you need to be blunt with him.

Go Away

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6. PROBLEM: He’s cute, but he’s boring.

SOLUTION: Dump him. You’re wasting your time dating a brick wall and will regret it later.

Tell Him It's Over

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7. PROBLEM: Your parents don’t like him.

SOLUTION: Do a fun group activity, so that they get to see the side of him that you like.

Group Hug

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