15 Insane Boy Meets World Casting Secrets You’ll Never Believe Are True

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For most of us, Boy Meets World was a childhood staple. What would high school have been like if we didn’t have Mr. Feeny to compare all of our teachers to? And what kind of friendships would we have developed if Ben Savage and Rider Strong hadn’t set the best example for us as Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter? And don’t even get us started on Cory’s relationship with Topanga, a.k.a. Danielle Fishel, because it gave us hope that true love IS out there.

But just because we learned a lot from watching that classic ABC show when it aired from 1993 to 2000 — and from watching reruns on Disney Channel long after — doesn’t mean it was perfect. In fact, Boy Meets World is full of some pretty obvious inconsistencies to anyone paying attention. From Shawn going from having a sister to being an only child to the characters jumping from grades 7 to 11 in just a couple of seasons, some mistakes were made.

But on top of plot points like that, mistakes were made with characters. We’re talking actors playing multiple roles throughout all seven seasons or characters played by multiple actors — as if we wouldn’t notice? Don’t get us wrong, we love this show. And pointing out casting secrets like these is only fun because we get to go back and relive our favorite moments. Care to join us?