9 Boy-Banders Who Originally Wanted to Be Solo Artists

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The announcement that a known and loved boy-bander will be going solo is a surefire way to send the world spinning momentarily in the opposite direction. Close to no one expects such an announcement, which isn’t helped by the fact that cracks within the band are usually hidden like a less-than-stellar report card.

It’s also made worse by the idea that we have that boy-bands are forever (despite lots of evidence to the contrary) because they’re always marketed as the best of friends and each other’s biggest supporters. So, when a member goes rogue and suddenly quits their band, we can’t help but be totally shocked.

Except, sometimes — the most infamous occasions, in fact — we should have seen this groundbreaking announcement coming for years and years. Because a lot of the musicians that we know for their former-boy band glory admitted that they’d always planned to be solo artists, like these 9 singers, who were just swept up into their respective boy band: