6 of Your Favorite Former Boy Band Members Who Starred on Broadway

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Broadway is truly a magical place. The atmosphere, the setting, the costumes and, most importantly, the talent that is on stage all make for an amazing experience. We love seeing shows on Broadway — there’s just something special about it that makes us feel all warm and happy on the inside.

What makes us even happier is when one of our fave Hollywood celebrities hits the stage and joins a Broadway production. (We may or may not already have it written on our calendar when tickets release for Chris Evans‘ upcoming off-Broadway show.)

There have been dozens of mainstream celebrities who have tried their talents on Broadway, and even some of the biggest Nickelodeon stars sang on stage before booking a TV gig. Seeing a celebrity on stage is like going to a concert, but better because you don’t have thousands of people screaming along to every word and you can actually listen to their angelic voice and appreciate their talent.

Some of the biggest stars and solo singers started out as members of a boy band. We personally don’t think enough people acknowledge the fact that Justin Timberlake was the ‘It’ member of the iconic ’90s boy band *NSYNC. It just makes sense that some of biggest boy bands have been represented on Broadway.

We all know that Nick Jonas was Chip in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway well before he and his brothers found fame through Disney Channel, but there are actually more than a handful of former boy-band members who have worked on Broadway both on stage and behind the scenes!

While we all wish that Harry Styles would just make his Broadway debut already, take a look at boy bands past and see which of your old-school faves hit the stage. WARNING: A major feeling of nostalgia ahead! This is best read with a boy-band playlist playing in the background.